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Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehab programs designed at getting an athlete back to the playing field quickly and safely. Pain management is only a small part of this process. From ACL injury and shoulder dislocations to ankle sprains and hamstring pulls. The overarching goal is returning to optimal function through a wide variety of athletic movement progressions, while educating the athlete to prevent future injuries.

Spine Care

Through 1-on-1 evaluation and consultation, Dr. Matt can provide a customized plan of care based on your unique situation. Physical therapy with Functional Performance and Athletics may include more traditional physical therapy interventions such as massage, foam rolling, and stretching. However, more specialized manual therapy such as cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, kinesiotaping, or active release techniques can be implemented to improve recovery time.

Athletic Performance

We create personalized training programs, designed to address your limitations while enhancing your strengths. The goal is to motivate and assist all individuals working toward maximizing their overall performance in life, sport, or thru injury.


Prehab is a proactive approach to avoiding pain and injury. You’ll build strength and stability around your most vulnerable areas, while improving mobility, balance and joint function to decrease your potential for injuries.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a disabling disorder and typically requires a multifactorial approach to treatment. Dr. Matt will work to educate you, find solutions to improve your quality of life, and get you moving again. He will help you improve your movement, teach you pain management strategies, and perform specific hands-on techniques to reduce your pain.

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Did you know

Each year, more than 50% of individuals older than 18 years of age will experience a musculoskeletal injury that lasts longer than 3 months. Of those 108 million injuries, greater than 90% are curable through PT intervention.

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